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Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Dmytro Kuziak

Process Improvement

Everything is a process, and each process has variation. (Process Theory)

In God We Trust… Everyone else must bring data. (E.Deming)

It is so true. If you look at anything which surrounds you, if you start to dissect everything which you do in your daily life, you will recognize – it is so true. The process theory is a common sense concentrated in the several frameworks and tools which are difficult to remember but easy to implement.

When I first open the book “Process Theory” by M.Holweg as a pre-reading exercise to the module “Technology & Operations Management”; I was, to put it mildly, surprised. My first question was why we, people who work in different service industries, own our businesses, need to know this “essence of common sense” from the last century, from industrial sites? The second question was how they are going to teach us this “common sense”….?

For the start, something spectacular was awaiting us in our class. Our professor Dan Snow overwhelmed us with his energy and approach to teaching the subject. It was one of the most exciting journeys so far for me in Oxford SBS. We travelled from Ford factories with freshly installed conveyor belts to Japan where E.Deming made wonders on Toyota production sites after being rejected by his compatriots. Dan brought us to the great world of machine learning and AI. He was unbeatable with his demonstration materials (which I am not going to reveal for the next generation of EMBA Oxonians for very obvious reasons – to keep an intrigue). For me, it was like learning a new language – difficult to grasp and to understand at the beginning, but when you get it – nothing can stop your ride. I definitely learnt a bit of Japanese, as well.

Then I decided to take a ticket for the second act – the course “Lean Six Sigma”(LSS), performed by Matthias Holweg. As for the course, it is not compulsory and taught outside normal modules. HINT to the future SBS students: it is a MUST. In case if you want to dive deeper into Lean Six Sigma techniques like a young jedha, to gain some fancy colourful belts like Bruce Lee, and enjoy long evenings studying DMAIC tools with your fellow classmates like normal MBA students –  this course for you.

Finally, everything in Oxford is connected. I was pleased to learn that the water fountain project in the West Wing, was a result of one of the previous assignments done by Matthias’ students. We, EMBA-S18, only provided a mild nudge. As Sue Dopson said, for a radical change, the Leader needs to stress urgency. Lesson learnt.


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