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Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Teresa Cascioli

Hard to believe…25% of the course is complete

As the new year commences our learning journey continues.  With 4 modules under our belts, we are now in crunch mode!  March looms ahead with 3 assignments to be completed including a presentation related to GOTO (Global Opportunities Threats Oxford). Factor in the pre-reading we must complete by the time our fifth module arrives (also in March) we are busy students trying to juggle it all.

The modules related to Leadership ended with Professor Timothy Morris.  In Module 4, he picked up where Professor Sue Dobson ended.  Interesting discussions ensued around organizational structures, leading through empowerment, engagement and feedback and leading growing organizations.  We discussed teamwork; what techniques and models work and what are sure failures.  To that end we were divided into teams and were asked to construct an item with Lego parts.  Take a peek at the pictures of my team’s masterpiece. One member was deemed to be the leader, others were assigned to “construction” while others were given the task of observing a model which we were to replicate. Teams were challenged to be fast and accurate. It was good fun and interesting learning about teams.

We began our Firms and Markets exploration with Professor Bige Kahraman.  She made the topic of microeconomics interesting by teaching in a “story-telling” way. Once upon a time there was supply, demand, market equilibrium, price discrimination, monopolies, oligopolies and auctions.  Each of these topics were covered at length.  We engaged in a riveting game of price setting as we divided into teams.  What an afternoon and what fierce competitors we became!

As Module 4 came to an end, it snowed for the first time in Oxford.  Coming from Canada, I would call it more of a dusting but by Oxford standards it was traumatic.  Locals were shocked when they awoke to see a thin layer of white snow blanketing the city. Meanwhile, at home the deep freeze was on with record chilling temperatures dipping close to -40C.  I’m so glad I missed that.
I am trying not to be overwhelmed as I push forward with assignments and readings.  I am battling one elephant at a time in the hopes that before the end of February, I will be close to submitting worthy work.

My groups are comprised of wonderful people and I look forward to many more sessions of learning with them.  We were given a glimpse at our future Entrepreneurship Project by our Associate Dean Kathy Harvey.  That’s one project that I look forward to tackling soon.

….now back to my assignments……




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