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Sep 2016 - May 2018

By Christine Li-Auyeung

Post EMBA, The Journey Continues

Guten tag. It has been six months since our cohort completed the EMBA programme. Thanks to two of our German classmates who planned a very special reunion for the EMBA S16 cohort, many of us once again packed our bags and travelled to Munich for Oktoberfest 2018. We finally got to see each other for the first time since our final module back in April. This time, we traded in our text books, journal articles, and papers for dirndls and lederhosens, as we headed into a weekend celebration on the successful completion of the EMBA degree – our final course results were released in August.

EMBA S16 End of Course Ceremony in April 2018

As we arrived for the welcome dinner that our German classmate had arranged for us at his favourite restaurant in Munich, everyone was overtaken with joy and excitement as we hugged and greeted one another. Catching up over our satisfying Bavarian meal, we all agreed that what we miss most from the programme is the opportunity to see one another on a regular basis. Where else can you find fifty-nine cheerleaders and coaches, who can offer you sound advice on anything from a new business idea, job search, salary negotiation, travel destination or which colour dirndl you should wear for the Oktoberfest reunion?

EMBA S16 Oktoberfest Reunion Dinner in Munich, Germany

Over our weekend conversations, we learned that many of us have changed jobs, transitioned to new roles within our companies, or even started new business ventures in the last six months. True to our business nature, we had a lively conversation on the amount of revenue Oktoberfest generates for the local breweries and Munich. A few of us even managed to visit one of the most famous companies in Munich – BMW.

BMW World Headquarters in Munich, Germany

Whilst the formal EMBA programme is over, the journey of EMBA S16 continues as we begin to host regular reunions at our respective home cities. With each new destination, we continue to cherish one another’s company and grow together. No valuation model we have learned in our finance course can quantify the value of the lifetime friendships we have developed during the programme, and all the adventures we will share as we move forward in the next phase of our journeys – it’s priceless.

Our cohort catching up with one another at Oktoberfest 2018.


Oktoberfest 2018

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