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Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

By Carlos Filipe Duarte

I’m back!

7 a.m. on what appears to be a freezing Monday and I’m getting ready to leave my room and head into Saïd. It’s February, it’s Module 2 of the Oxford Executive MBA (January 2018 intake) and I´m back.

The first Module in January flew by – everything and everyone was new, an intoxicating mix of excitement and a lit bit of apprehension dominated the whole week and only after returning to everyday life routine was I able to properly reflect on how amazing all of it was.  Several of my colleagues (nay, FRIENDS, which is both far more correct and telling) wrote about it on their own blogs and did it far better than I ever could, so go and read them.

As for me, first day has barely started and I already had a full EMBA/Oxford day yesterday – meeting people for a pint, stumbling on another on the high street with tales of woe and broken mobiles, formal hall (i.e. college dinner) at Brasenose with Daniel (the only other person from our cohort at Brasenose), preceded a short stop beforehand at the HCR (Hulme Common Room, Brasenose’s equivalent to the Middle Common Room everywhere else). Then off to Keble College (to the bar, to be more exact) to get together with even more people and chat, discussing the ever-present subject of why we are here, what future holds (both in immediate – and it holds Analytics apparently – and longer-term sense) and how great it is to be together again.

So, now it’s Monday morning and I’m getting ready to leave my room and head into Saïd. But before I go, I decided to write this blog post. Because I’m back. Because it feels good to be back. Because, after properly digesting Module 1, after all the meetings and talking of yesterday, there is this feeling of belonging – to the EMBA, to Saïd Business School, to Oxford but above all, to my cohort and my friends.

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