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Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

By Sidney Liu


The first week is simply amazing beyond words! Welcome dinner at Ashmolean Museums – one of the many museums of Oxford; formal matriculation ceremony in Divinity School – in Latin; college introduction – each one of us belongs to a college, mine is Balliol College; famous Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) debates and events; amazing professors and lectures we had so far; and even more amazing cohort of 65 from 40 countries! Pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some:

Formal matriculation dinner in Divinity wearing sub-fusc


Balliol college library




Oxford University Student union event


Balliol college dining hall


At Oxford University Student union with cohort


Oxford Said business school courtyard


Prep for matriculation dinner – see Bill Clinton’s words?


I would like to share my thoughts on “Embeddedness”, of Saïd Business School, within the awe-inspiring Oxford University.

First of all, I firmly believe that in the ever-changing world of business, business school should NOT be standing alone. Look at the new technology landscape, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, quantum computing, social, environmental, medical, biological sciences, and I am sure there are many many subject areas that I have no knowledge of. Many ideas in business are NOT originated from business school, but from other disciplines. Oxford Saïd Business School has done a great job of conveying this embeddedness, and by fully integrating with Oxford University, unlike many business schools today – from many dedicated business schools, to others trying to highlight the business schools and seem to want to distant themselves from the parent universities. Some business school brands seem to be larger even than the university themselves!

Second, college integration. I am part of Balliol College (founded in 1263!), and I stayed in Balliol College graduate accommodation across Holywell Manor Graduate Centre. Balliol College Praefectus sat down with us and discussed what and how we can do more to further the collaboration with business school students on entrepreneurship and other disciplines.

Third, program integration. Oxford Saïd Business School also has a 1+1 MBA, further demonstrated the core of “Embeddedness”.
Oxford Foundry that I walked by every day, Oxford University Innovation, and Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute (BII) are some of the other collaboration that we will start doing more of. I got the taste of “Embeddedness” in the first module, I am looking forward to seeing and doing more of it!

Following in the footsteps of many great alumni has reminded many of us that the decision to come to Oxford is absolutely the right one! It still gives me goosebumps just to think about it. To potential candidates: don’t mind those endless list of rankings, you have to come to experience it, and you won’t regret it!


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