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Sep 2017 - May 2019

By Elena Mariotti

Whatever is the purpose you chose to pursue – Keep pushing, always believe in your vision, and never give up

September 2013 – My transformational journey began.. I realised I wanted to build on my engineering background and international field exposure to become a global Energy Leader.

After a thorough research I realised the Oxford Executive MBA (EMBA) programme would have been the best choice to help me achieve my career and personal vision and fully realise my potential. Since then, I have been wanting do this EMBA, waiting for the “right” time in my career and life to make the most out of this experience. Finally here I am…just a few days away from the long-awaited EMBA…which promises to be one of the most life-changing experiences yet!

Before sharing my motivations for choosing the Oxford EMBA, and my vision on what I expect out of this program, I would like to spend a few words, to hopefully help who like me is craving to pursue an EMBA and looking for advice.

The first question that comes to mind when deciding about applying for an EMBA is: When is the “right” time in one’s career and life to pursue an EMBA? But…what does “right” actually mean?!

Reality is, there is no “right” time as such, life is full of things to do: the next job assignment, family, friends, and so on. The “right” time will never happen by itself, you have to create it yourself, just gather the courage to embark in this experience, and do it!

Going back to why I chose the Oxford EMBA, and what I expect out of it: I had three main reasons, for each of these reasons I am full of expectations on the program and confident the Oxford EMBA will meet all of them.

One of the main reasons for choosing the Oxford EMBA links to my purpose in the energy sector – which is to make the energy sector cleaner, smarter and safer, for a better future for the next generations.

As the energy industry enters the 4th industrial revolution, I plan to play a key role at the forefront of such transformation. Having myself a technical background, Engineering, I realised that to achieve my goals and make a positive impact in such an epic turning-point for the energy industry I needed to broaden my business foundation, and interact with global shapers from other industries.

I look forward to the Oxford EMBA courses such as “The Strategic Leader”, “Designing Better Futures” and “Global Strategy”, which will help me achieve my purpose: help spearhead the transition to cleaner, smarter, and more inclusive energy, contributing to shape global decisions which will help create a better future for the next generations, in terms of sustainable and safer energy, and gender balance in the boardroom.

Another aspect of the Oxford EMBA is its global focus. Thanks to this I aim to learn the economical, sociological, psychological, and political factors which influence leadership style, to forge my own role as a Leader in the global landscape. Through the Oxford EMBA I will have the valuable opportunity to expand my knowledge across many sectors, learning from Oxford world-renowned faculties, and students from over 30 countries. This is pivotal for everyone’s intellectual and personal growth, and will give me the tools to make a positive impact on the energy industry.

The third but not least factor that influenced my EMBA decision was Oxford focus on diversity – Coming from an industry, Oil & Gas, where women are heavily under-represented, and a rare sight when it comes to senior roles, and given Oxford’s focus on developing women as a force for change and global economic growth, I saw Oxford as the place for me to make a difference in changing this trend. Through the Oxford EMBA I would like to play an active role in empowering women in business, and inspire who will follow in my footsteps, particularly in the energy sector, having seen fist-hand the challenges women face at various stages in their career in such male-dominated industry.

Through this blog, I aim to share my Oxford EMBA experience to build a repository of tips that may help the next Oxford students and beyond. Through these articles, I will keep sharing my journey as an Oxford Saïd student, sharing successes, failures, lessons learned I will gain along the way of this experience with my world-class colleagues, to help and inspire who will follow in my footsteps.

One of the most important lessons I have learned through several challenges to date, which is what took me to finally, and happily, start the Oxford EMBA in few days is: Whatever is the purpose you chose to pursue, at any stage in your career and life – Keep pushing, always believe in your vision, and never give up!!

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