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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Tim Wiens

Making the Most of the College Experience

One of the truly differentiating factors of an Oxford education is, indeed, the chance to engage outside of one’s department within one of the many colleges and halls of the greater University. In the EMBA programme, it is often thought that one will have little opportunity to take advantage of the college experience offered to all Oxonians. However, if one schedules wisely (travel, coordinating night events, etc.) and watches the calendar closely, making time and creating opportunities to engage in college life is possible, even for an EMBA student.

Last week, during module two of the EMBA-J17 course, three Brasenose College students (Jon, Alex, and I) found it possible to get involved in the life of our College in multiple ways. It took some planning and effort, but it was well worth the investment. On Sunday night, we took part in our first Formal Dinner. We had a great time interacting with undergraduates, eating a great meal, and learning where to find the wine glasses. Next time, hopefully we won’t look like lost Freshers.

On Monday night, Dr. Julia Diamantis, of Brasenose College, hosted the three of us, along with several other EMBA students and alumni for dinner in the Senior Common Room. The guest of honor and our speaker for the evening was Mr. Gordon Orr, former McKinsey Asia Chairman. His insights into the future of China were fascinating and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge on many issues was inspiring. I personally had the pleasure of spending most of the evening talking with Dr. Eric Thun, Brasenose College Fellow and Peter Moores Associate Professor in Chinese Business Studies at Saїd Business School. He was delightful to get to know and really very open to my many questions. Dr. Thun will be leading EMBA-J17s trip to China next year.

Finally, on Friday night, after a long week of Analytics (see Gerhard Mulder’s blog) and a day-long work session attempting to apply appropriate regressions to a case, our study group descended onto the Brasenose College Bar. Though we had less than an hour to enjoy the environment and a cider, it was great to have a place to go within Oxford and to soak in the atmosphere.

Finding the time and space to be engaged with your college is not an easy task as an EMBA student. However, I highly recommend doing so, as it certainly enhances the Oxford experience and will provide a life-long network to call upon. The Brasenose Ball is in May. Want to come?

Brasenose College

Brasenose College

Senior Common Room - EMBA Dinner

Senior Common Room – EMBA Dinner

Jon and Alex at Formal Dinner

Jon and Alex at Formal Dinner

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  • Antonio Potenza

    Nice Post Tim, glad to be part of your cohort. See you India!