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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Jyoti Chopra

Module 7 | Something for the Poets as well as the Quants

The end of summer culminated with the conclusion of Kunal Basu’s global marketing course, which centered on strategic approaches and frameworks for developing marketing mindsets and plans. Several cases were presented including a very interesting and famous one on Citibank and its controversial launch of a credit card product for its Asian markets. It was a complex study of brand, marketing and a test of leadership.

This module included a presentation on Social Entrepreneurship introduced by Alex Nichols that featured emerging concepts at the intersection of business and society that encompass social responsibility. Aunnie Patton led a financial modeling support class that was extremely helpful for the poets in the class as it showed us how to leverage excel and build dynamic valuation and pricing models. It was most timely, as we commenced accounting class this week and head into business finance next month. Accounting, led by Jacob Cohen, was a wonderful surprise. Many of us had not taken a formal accounting class and Jacob was superbly patient and more importantly, taught us in a live time, real time manner. Classes would begin with a look at the global financial markets, having the class watch live market data. Then we would select one or two companies of interest and pull up their 10k forms from and analyze, dissect and discuss the financial statements. If you didn’t know anything about accounting, you will leave this course with a comprehensive view of cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, ratios and much more. It’s dynamic, fun and imparts pragmatic skills and tools that you can apply immediately in the business or corporate world. A final word about New College, which was our featured dinner venue for the week. It has the most exquisite chapel at Oxford!

EMBA 12 at New College

EMBA-12 at New College

Inside New College

Inside New College

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