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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Per magne Sviggum

A taste of summer school

There is a first time for everything. One Monday morning this July, a slightly apprehensive crowd, in black and white, gathered in a beautiful Grade II listed building on High Street. We were about to take our Microeconomics exam in the historical Examination Schools, a solemn event which I think most of looked forward to be done with, so we could go through the rest of the module under less pressure. After an intense 90 minutes we were back on the street, and after a few brief exchanges with fellow exam takers, we dropped the subject. Bygones…

Back in lecture theatre, the Strategy sessions of Professor Powell, continuing from last module, were yet again both engaging and instructive. Through well thought out group exercises we gained insights that would not be easily accessed had we not interacted with our peers. Learning how to extract and leverage the aggregate knowledge in a group of people (i.e. a Board of Directors) is a valuable art, and at the end the module we went away with a greater appreciation of how we easily become entrenched in perceived realities. Also, the marketing sessions delivered by Professor Basu went beyond the technicalities of marketing and, for me, complemented the learning points we took from strategy.

Looking ahead, the entrepreneurial project is about to commence, and the frameworks we have studied thus far will be integral to their success. During a brainstorming session on the Tuesday, several dozens of business ideas were cooked up on the flipboards around the room in just half an hour. As is often the case with our class, the output was prolific and diverse, and although not all proposals will see the light of day, we should not forget that silly ideas often carry the seed to great ideas, so I’m curious to see what eventually gets developed. Many of us are excited to develop an idea from its humble inception to a feasible business plan – and who knows: maybe some of these projects will grow into a product or service near you?

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