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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Yura Mykhaylyuk

Already missing my EMBA12 friends

On the last day of module one, I am sitting at Heathrow analyzing this eventful week. In one word – excellent. Everyone is attracted by the magic that the brand “Oxford” but everyone also has extremely high expectations for Oxford. A programme of this level must respond to the very high demands of its participants in many aspects, such as academic level, the quality of the people on the cohort, and the organization of the modules. EMBA 12 has certainly given us the best on all of those aspects. Those who designed the module managed to balance very intensive class work with excellent social activities like the welcome dinner at the Ashmolean, dinner at Trinity college, and college visits. Once in a lifetime events like matriculation ceremony and the debate at Oxford Union give the feeling of uniqueness to the whole process.

The calibre of the cohort is impressive – among 77 of us, there are over 30 nationalities, bright, ambitious and friendly people from many sectors. The dynamics during discussions is intense, and group work is very enriching – a banker, a business owner, an IT specialist all have different views on a subject and all contribute their best to their teams. Quality of teaching is world-class and professors engage us in very stimulating discussions. We have very quickly become friends – even the more introverted among us, like myself, joined the discussions at the Turf or Kings Arms.

The quality of food in the Pyramid Room (an important aspect for many of us) is excellent and together with wine kept the discussions going till late after dinners. Finally, the organization of the module was flawless – many thanks to Charlotte, Luke and of course Kathy, whose “invisible hand” we felt at all times. As my classmate Jeff Henriksen put it – last week was like drinking from the fire hose, so much information was poured on us within a short period of time. Now it’s time to digest it, reflect upon it and get ready for the next module. Looks like Weblearn is becoming my close companion.

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