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Jan 2019 - Sept 2020

Sebastian is an emerging market investor and strategist and an Executive MBA student at the University of Oxford. He holds a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Sebastian is a committed investment professional with a proven track record in research and asset management. He recently published a book on fundamental, policy-induced and institutional vulnerabilities of emerging markets.

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Posted by: on October 15, 2020

Uncovering a hidden dimension: Early warning systems, ESG factors, and predictab...

I have recently authored a book, “Predictability of Financial Crises – The Impact of Fundamental, Policy-induced and Institutional Vulnerabilities on China Compared to Other Emerging Markets”. The goal is to analyse the determinants of financial crises, in particular of currency crises, to better understand them and deduct implications for predicting and preventing these events. Empirical […]

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Posted by: on November 29, 2019

Upcoming study trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou

Early next year, my Oxonian colleagues and I are embarking on a study trip to China. Having been in touch with Prof. Eric Thun, a particular focus will be put on the institutional transformation of China from plan to market. In this blog, I summarise my initial thoughts on our journey and the topics discussed […]

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Posted by: on January 30, 2019

Institutions and Vulnerability to Crises

After the first week of the Executive MBA at the University of Oxford, I would like to briefly summarise my impressions and write a short note on a subject we touched upon in our course work: “Institutions”. Classes ranged from statistics to Global Rules of the Game by Prof. Akshay Mangla. In particular, the latter […]

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