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Jan 2016 - Sep 2017

By Stephen Douglas

Six Secrets to Success for a Brilliant Oxford Entrepreneurship Project Pitch (Part 1)

One evening while I was a post-graduate student at Georgetown in the late nineties, some humbled MBAs called to my door. They were selling Christmas cards for their MBA entrepreneurship project. Partly because of this experience, I’d dreaded the prospect of doing an MBA: would I have to sell Christmas cards door-to-door to prove to the examiners I was an actual entrepreneur?

Fortunately, at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, we don’t have to go door-to-door to prove that we’ve located the entrepreneur lurking inside all of us.

This week we were presenting our entrepreneurship projects in front of Oxford University examiners. Our ten-minute-long presentations are worth 10% of our entrepreneurship project module’s grade.

Our entrepreneurship project is about selling predictions about global fresh water availability. The idea was stimulated by another Executive MBA course, the Global Opportunities and Threats Oxford (GOTO) module. In GOTO we get to think through what we know about business to find long-lasting solutions to global problems. Incidentally, recently GOTO won a well-deserved Aspen Pioneer Award for innovative teaching in business education.

This last week, I went to many of my Oxford University Executive MBA class colleagues’ presentations of their entrepreneurship projects. From this experience, I have derived these Six Secrets to Success for an Oxford University entrepreneurship project pitch.

P.S. I had the great pleasure to meet Dr Vijay at a dinner in Trinity this week (see photo below). Vijay has just begun his Executive MBA at Oxford University. He is in the class a year behind us. It was fantastic to hear how Vijay was reading these blogs a year ago in Rajasthan while he was deciding if the Oxford Executive MBA was for him. Welcome on-board, Vijay. Welcome to Oxford University.

Dr Vijay and Stephen Douglas Oxford Executive MBA 2017

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