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Posted by: on August 14, 2017

About shaping the mind and shared value

Being born in USSR and being a great fan of Ayn Rand’s novels about the goodness of capitalism, “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”, I didn’t believe in socialism. Taking into account red tape and absence of meritocracy, I clearly realized what ‘good’ socialism can do altogether with bureaucrats in their attempt to create equal society, […]

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Posted by: on October 3, 2016

The one-employer career is dead

If the marketing department at the Saïd Business School had set out to write a book to attract EMBA students, they could not have come up with a better offering than The Hundred Year Life. Written by Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton, and published this summer, it points out, using standard data, that likely applicants, […]

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Posted by: on July 1, 2016

The value of critical thinking

After being enrolled at the university and becoming a student of Saїd Business School, I am often asked questions about the difference between educational system in Ukrainian universities and in Oxford. Besides, many are curious if I really feel the value of education, which consumes tons of my time, energy, and resources. In this relation, […]

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Posted by: on February 24, 2016

Do you really need MBA / EMBA?

In this post I will give some recommendations for those who are trying to find an answer whether they need to obtain a MBA / EMBA. In addition, from my own little experience, there will be some tips of how to prepare yourself and which school to choose. Attention! Be ready to read an honest […]

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