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Posted by: on January 6, 2021

Growing babies, growing self

As we enter 2021, I feel the need to reflect on the year that has just passed. I find myself flipping through pictures of my babies and I am amazed by how much they have grown in a short space of time. In January 2020 I was 6 months pregnant with twins, my toddler could […]

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Posted by: on October 28, 2020


January 20, 2020, 5:00 am, I wake up in a simple but nice room in a Marriott, not substantially unlike any other of the many I’ve woken up in around the world, in Oxford city centre. I put on the kettle and take down two cups of instant coffee along with a bottle of water […]

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Posted by: on May 12, 2020

The end of a journey – 5 things I was not expecting from OXFORD Executive MBA

If you ever considered an MBA, you know the important international rankings (The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, etc). You also calculated your tuition and living costs, analysed alumni from the schools, read prospects from them, visited a campus, and did everything possible to make the better choice. My objective is not to give advice on […]

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Posted by: on March 20, 2019

“When you know, you know”

Not exactly love at first sight, but something like that.  I first stepped foot on Oxford’s campus in June 2018, having been invited to interview with Associate Dean of the MBA and Executive Degree Programmes, Kathy Harvey. It wasn’t exactly love then, as I was more stressed about missing my train from Paddington to Oxford; […]

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Posted by: on March 13, 2019

A gown, a baby and a spreadsheet

“damn it. I am wearing the wrong trousers.” It’s 10:45am on the Thursday of Module 1 and I am staring down at a very tall cup of black coffee, and I just realised that I am not wearing “dark coloured” trousers for our welcome ceremony tonight. The instructions to go with our gowns is to […]

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Posted by: on November 1, 2018

Lessons in regressions: or, how I learnt to stop worrying and love heteroscedasticity

A cold snap in the UK, and we’re back to Oxford for Module 2. How quickly a group of people we met for a week in September now seem incredibly familiar (aided, perhaps, by a series of never-ending WhatsApp groups…). A schedule filled with lengthy sessions on analytics was the subject of much nervous laughter […]

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Posted by: on September 4, 2018

Packed and ready to go!

My suitcase is packed, a bit of intellectual refreshing has been completed through reading materials and workbook exercises and now it is finally time to head to class. The timetable looks interesting.  The first module, “Business Complexity & Decision Making” will address leadership fundamentals, personality and leadership and leaders and decision making.  We will also […]

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Posted by: on August 29, 2018

August 29, 2018

Well, it’s hard to believe that 35 years has passed since I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in my hometown of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. Now, here I sit, preparing to attend Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and being a part of Keble College. I am anxious, excited and a […]

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Posted by: on May 31, 2018


After an absolutely amazing module in India, the first full-scale group assignment and the kick-off of the GOTO project, I’m be returning to Oxford in less than a weeks’ time. Travel arrangements, packing and other preparatory activities are taking place so I decided to share what I have learned, as a non UK resident, on […]

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Posted by: on February 23, 2018

Safari of Extremes

I always knew post-graduation that at some point in my life I would like to embark on an MBA but the timing never felt right.  I finally went through the journey of finding the right course and applying.  Having been accepted at all my chosen schools I finally decided on Oxford.  The rankings played a […]

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