Timon Kuit




United Kingdom




Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

Timon has worked for major corporations managing multimillion budgets, but also been hands on with no budget prelaunch start-ups to scale the growth expectations. He has set up three ecommerce websites and one digital agency. He began his career by creating a digital agency, which he ran for three years, while working his way up at Sony Electronics. During this time he founded two successful ecommerce start-ups, before joining Marks & Spencer in 2013. For the last two years Timon has been self-employed as his services guide UK retailers on how to grow their online...

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Posted by: on January 25, 2018

A jolly good start to the EMBA programme

To ensure that I would feel refreshed before I would start the Oxford EMBA programme, I went on a 3-week holiday to Vietnam. I was fully aware that time will be scarce once I enrolled in the programme so this was the moment to take a break. As expected, time flew and before I knew […]

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