Sidney Liu




United States




Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

Executive Director with JP Morgan based in New York, Sidney Liu is a seasoned Wall Street financial technology executive with enterprise management, strategy, innovation, architecture, development and risk & control experience, and with financial domain expertise in capital market on credit analytics in fixed income, equities, structured finance, asset management, index. His career interests also include private equity investment and venture capital funding related advisory and services focusing on early to mid stage entrepreneurial needs.

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Posted by: on April 19, 2018

Dream & Reality

Oxford, city of dreaming spires. Coming to Oxford, feels like a dream. Like a superman, putting on a cape, flying to Oxford, leaving daily life and noise behind, living a mysterious life, dreaming the dreams. Once the module is over, taking off the cape, and back to my regular mundane self. Three modules into Oxford EMBA […]

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Posted by: on February 19, 2018


The first week is simply amazing beyond words! Welcome dinner at Ashmolean Museums – one of the many museums of Oxford; formal matriculation ceremony in Divinity School – in Latin; college introduction – each one of us belongs to a college, mine is Balliol College; famous Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) debates and events; amazing […]

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