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Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Mustafa Abbas

Do you Dare?

As a boy, I enjoyed considerably shaking a snow dome, which we purchased during a family holiday in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

My pleasure was that my sister was possessive of her beautiful souvenir and I could (lovingly) tease her. More insightful, I could unsettle the resting snow, creating havoc, at least for a moment.

As a man, I enjoy more the settled snow. The pleasure received from order and predictability is overwhelming.

The Strategy and Innovation course was psychologically uncomfortable only because it forced us to unbundle established patterns, question preciously held biases, and re-examine the relationships between critical actors in any ecosystem. We were dared by the Professor to ask the more uncomfortable questions.

Critical thinking, intertwined with creativity, is the most important skill to develop. Strategy and Innovation is an elective course that will change the way you think, and what a good thing that might be for an executive cohort on their executive programme.

Go and shake the snow dome!


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