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Sustainable Energy Generation


Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Dmytro Kuziak

The GOTO experience

The GOTO (Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford) project at Oxford SBS allows students to attempt to solve a world-scale problem. It helps to understand the complexity around those problems and to apply different frameworks and strategies learnt during the classes. It is worth mentioning that each cohort has a unique task.

Our EMBA-S18 cohort had a chance to dig into the problems related to Affordable & Clean Energy. People may not pay attention to energy problems as their daily energy usage becomes an unnoticeable routine. Today, in developed countries, we only register the issues related to energy supply and consumption indirectly – pollution issues, climate change, etc. Affordable & Clean Energy is one of the Sustainable Development Goals supported by the United Nations. Achieving this Goal will help not only the current generation, but many more future ones.

Renewable technologies are praised and blossoming nowadays. A lot has already been done in this sector. Could we do more? How should we do that? What are we missing? Our fellow students tried to solve puzzles similar to these during our GOTO assignment. The projects which we worked on related to the following areas: better integration of renewable energy into the energy system, financing new energy technologies, access to energy, and business models for rural electrification.

Although the students in the groups have very different backgrounds, they all have similar goals. Such variety and diversity allows for different perspectives on the problem you are tackling without losing focus. Because the students worked on the project from various locations (a consequence of being international), it created some organisational difficulties which we successfully overcame. The experience of having meetings during study modules, long conference calls in between our sessions, individual and group thinking, as well as meticulous system mapping, was invaluable. The idea of having to give a presentation in front of the whole cohort helped to reflect your findings and to polish them later for the final submission. It also helped to mobilise all resources and reveal hidden traits of the participants.

In short, GOTO is an absolutely amazing experience which SBS EMBA students should experience during the programme. It encourages us to act [slightly] differently and [more] extraordinarily. No matter how complex the problem to solve is.

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