Mustafa Abbas




United Kingdom




Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Mustafa Abbas

Leadership, and all things Human

Immanuel Kant was concerned with morality and felt that humans should be treated as ends in themselves and not as means to an end. This also implies that your value doesn’t depend on your use.

That’s all very well, but in the real world – more specifically in the corporate world – management theories are based entirely on treating humans as means for corporate ends.

Over the leadership course, which spanned several modules, we indulged in theories circling around power, influence and change. We forensically examined historical cases of corporate success and failure from a human perspective. And it was fun. And it was useful. And this knowledge will probably be employed in our everyday, unlike Kant’s very noble insights.

Taught with kindness, humour and humility, the leadership course was as much a journey of self-reflection for our EMBA cohort as it was a distillation of all that we need to know in order to squeeze the corporate universe into a ball (if we dare).

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