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Sep 2018 - May 2020

By George Robson

Chapter Three: What’s meant to happen always does

I believe in timing. I look at the chance encounters, opportunities and happenstance that have lead me to all that I have in my life and I am incredibly grateful.

Celebrating with teammates after beating Cambridge 38-16 in the 2018 Varsity Match

I am more aware than ever, of the complete ownership I have over the things I choose to do and who I choose to do them with. I have realised that my time is precious and that as the author of my own story, I have the power to dictate which characters come and go by assessing their influence. Whilst all of life’s experiences reveal their relevance at different times I am choosing to reflect on a couple of examples that have recently changed the way I think.

I am starting to frame every decision that I make as an investment opportunity – I think I should be thanking decision trees for this. I spent a vivid three months with Oxford University Rugby Football Club in the lead up to the Varsity Match Vs Cambridge University going big on my investment here, committing emotionally, physically and morally. As the oldest member of last year’s team, I found it to be an incredible experience. I learnt purely through exposure to some of the youngest and brightest minds in the world. It was both surreal and humbling, to be able to offer these guys some insight from both my life and professional sports experience.

With my son Axel and teammate Ryan Jones

I consider my team mates from OURFC as part of my family, not something considered unusual in rugby, but unique to my playing experience. The whole process forced me to realise the strength of a positive, close knit culture and one facet that helps to achieve this is vulnerability. There is an honesty in vulnerability that cannot be understated; exceptional success requires exceptional circumstances. When thirty men can sit in a circle and individually disclose their deepest fears about life, rugby and outcomes related to the pressures of an impending game while the rest of group sits and listens in complete silence, with zero judgement or alcohol involved; life long bonds are forged. These bonds are what you rely on when things get tough.

Alongside EMBA classmate John McGrath Jnr. enjoying a moment at the Union

In contrast to rugby, when it comes to EMBA S18, I am one of the younger members of the cohort and I am invested in learning from people who offer wealth in their experience. There are a few members of my cohort who have moved up to live in Oxford from far and wide and I can see why. I have been to the union on as many occasions as is possible over recent months and have witnessed several amazing speakers. Notably: boxer Manny Pacquiao; comedian Dave Chappelle; porn star Stormy Daniels and physician Bennet Omalu. All of these speakers have enriched my learning experience with their stories. They have now become a part of my story along with OURFC, close friends from the Business School and my loving family.

At the union with OURFC team mates and the Business School crowd; fellow EMBA and teammate Aldi King asks Stormy Daniels a question

From February, my family and I will be living in Oxford too. I’m ready to live near the people who I think can shape my life, knowledge and philosophy in a positive way. I am going to make the most of every opportunity I get to learn, grow and take pleasure from life’s experiences. As I wrote earlier, I am the author of my own story and I have every intention of making it a good one.

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