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Jan 2019 - Sept 2020

By Charles Wahab

Pre-Course Preparation

I must admit that I feel a little bit like a kid in a sweets shop. With the run up to the first Module and our arrival in Oxford on Sunday for the welcome dinner, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Welcome dinner, matriculation ceremony, gowns only add to the fanfare of an already rich list of things that have awakened part of me that has been laying dormant, lurking behind a sea of financial jargon, technology problems and other issues one encounters in a career in Fintech.

The Pre-course survey, the NEO personality questionnaire and the class profiles workbook we have to complete on Canvas, our online course material platform, have given a glimpse of what is to come: a new phase, new people and fresh ideas.  The business school clearly takes an interest in knowing as much about their students very seriously and from the very beginning. It’s not as if the essays, interviews and applications we have already completed to get into the program told them more about me than Facebook will ever know! (They asked for a profile picture too).

I also had a look at the Module 1 material. The last time I read an Academic paper was 12 years ago at the LSE while writing my MSc thesis.

Time for some new learnings.

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