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Sep 2018 - May 2020

By Teresa Cascioli

August 29, 2018

Well, it’s hard to believe that 35 years has passed since I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in my hometown of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. Now, here I sit, preparing to attend Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and being a part of Keble College.

I am anxious, excited and a little nervous all at the same time. What should I expect? Can I actually sit in a classroom all day long? Will I be able to retain anything? I am almost 57 years old after all! With only a few weeks to go before my first module begins, I am refreshing my business mathematics and economics skills and I am reading the suggested materials as I await the pre-course reading list. Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve thought about pre-course reading lists.

I sent off the sizing for my gown and even measured the circumference of my head for my cap! My new laptop is ready to go and I’ve purchased a few new pairs of “school” shoes (not that I need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes). I’m being teased by my family and friends about buying a lunch pail and pencil case (which I’ve done, by the way) but they are all happy to see me pursue this new important milestone in my life.

As a retired public-company CEO, I am not attending Saïd to advance my career. No, this Executive MBA journey is an “intellectual spa” experience for me. I felt that at this point in my life, I would do something special just for me. The time was right, the stars aligned and now a new adventure will begin.

I feel extremely lucky to becoming part of a group of global-minded classmates in an environment where we can share ideas and career experiences all while learning from industry experts. I’m sure the work will be intense but I’m up for the challenge because I know that in the end the experience will be transformative.

Shortly, I will be packing my suitcase and departing for London’s Heathrow Airport. From there I’ll spend a bit of time in the city before heading to Oxford where the learning will begin.

Very soon I will receive my formal dress and meeting my classmates.

This story has just begun…..stay tuned.


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