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Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

By Sidney Liu

Incredible Diversity

As a Chinese American based in New York City, I live and breathe diversity every single day. I thought nothing would top that. I was wrong.

My Oxford EMBA cohort is incredibly diverse, in a class size of 65 with 40 different nationalities! Simply describing it does not do it justice. Let me give you an example.

When the US China trade war was developing, heated debates were already brewing here and there since the international module in India. When a suggestion of doing a panel discussion about China and US China relationship surfaced, I gladly agreed and jumped at the opportunity.

Just how diverse? Of the five panelists, I am a Chinese American living in New York. There is an Irish Chinese living in Dublin, a British Chinese living in Manchester, a Chinese from Hong Kong, and a Chinese from mainland China working for a Chinese media company based in Europe. Interestingly the only person living in China is the moderator, an Australian of European descent. More interestingly, the views and insights from the five panelists and the moderator are just as diverse and well-represented!

Panel discussion

And then we have an Irish American living in Japan, an African of Indian descent (who are extremely proud of his African heritage, proclaiming “I am 100% African from top to bottom”), several with interracial background, and many more from different European countries. I could go on and on. But you got the picture (hopefully also the combination and permutation).

Here are some obligatory memorable moments.

Class photo

Fun filled black tie night at Balliol College, the oldest college in Oxford


Black tie dinner



Oxford tradition – Rowing early in the morning

 Oxford tradition


Class photo

Big happy family after a hard day of studying!


My cohort has incredible diversity and incredible insights. And yes, they are incredibly open-minded, fascinating and fun! If only US and China delegates could come to study in Oxford. Or at the minimum, listen to our panel discussion…

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