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Sep 2016 - May 2018

By Christine Li-Auyeung

When EMBAS16 Goes West

Put on your cowboy hats and boots as EMBAS16 heads west to sunny California for our last international module. As a member of Team USA, my fellow American classmates and I get to welcome and host the rest of our class on their trip to the states. For one week, we get to live, breathe and experience the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

From eating at the same restaurants where deals in Silicon Valley are made to visiting the headquarters of major technology companies including Facebook, Google and Apple, we had the opportunity to see the inner workings of the most innovative place in the world. To top it off, the lineup of prominent Silicon Valley players who spoke to our class certainly made this one of the most informative and memorable modules.

To fully understand the mentality in Silicon Valley, one must understand the significance of the frontier in our country’s history. For hundreds of years, Americans have headed west to seek new adventures and pursue their dreams. The frontier was a place where rules were broken and new ideas were formed. It was where one lived and thought freely. While our physical frontier closed in 1890, its spirit has been permanently imprinted in the American psyche. This is especially true in California, the last frontier – a place where generations since the gold rush in the 1840s have come to pursue their wildest dreams. Silicon Valley is a place where failure and restart are valued as people here understand that innovation will not occur without frequent experimentation. It’s persistence and the passion to go after one’s dream that counts. It’s about solving the world’s problems through new technology and bettering lives. It’s with this very spirit that billion-dollar unicorn companies emerge from humble garage start-ups.

Putting on my cowgirl hat

EMBAS16 visit to Facebook HQ

Buck’s Restaurant where many Sillicon Valley deals are made

EMBAS16 breakfast at Buck’s

The gargoyle EMBAS16 presented to the owner of Buck’s

EMBAS16 Napa Valley tour

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