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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Tim Wiens

Unlike any professional affiliation I have ever been associated with

Module 6 was a special time for me. My wife got to join me in Oxford, see what I am doing firsthand, go to our College Dinner at Nuffield College, and spend additional time after the module’s completion with some of the friends I have been privileged to make over the past nine months. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to have her step in my shoes, even if just for a few days.

Module 6 also had us talking strategy, examining best practices in marketing, and discussing operations. Each provided terrific insight for leaders, but one stood out as outstanding to both my peers and to me. Strategy with Dr. Thomas Powell was one of the finest courses I have taken throughout my educational career. Dr. Powell presented the historical context, applicable theory, case study analysis, and personal insights from his many years of consulting with some of the world’s largest and most influential firms. As such, we all left with greater knowledge and hopefully an understanding of how to better engage our organisations in “creating superior performance.”

The time following Module 6 has been the most difficult layover between modules I think we have experienced to date. Between Modules 6 & 7, we had our GOTO group assessment and our Strategy assessment due, work to be done on our Entrepreneurial Project, readings for Marketing, readings for Accounting, and readings for Technology and Operations Management to be completed. On top of that, tending to families and work in each of our own personal businesses loomed. No one said this was going to be easy.

As we consider Module 7, many of us enter with fear and trepidation. For those who are poets and not quants, we will be engaging in Accounting and Business Finance. I am terrified. However, the power of the cohort has again shown itself to be both prevailing and impactful. Harry, a corporate accountant and consultant (and member of the EMBA-J17 cohort) has offered to provide a pre-course class on accounting for those of us poets. Many of us have “signed up” and will benefit from Harry’s kindness, as well as his knowledge of accounting. I am again reminded of what a great group of people I am associated with.

In two weeks we will all be back together. Though it is always hard to say goodbye to our families, it is always special to be back with the cohort. We are not a perfect lot, and there are times when conflict arises. However, we continue to grow together and develop a bond that is unlike any professional affiliation I have ever been associated with. For now, however, it is back to my Strategy assessment…

Tim and Katie Wiens at Nuffield College Oxford

My wife Katie and me at Nuffield College Dinner


Nuffield College, Oxford

Nuffield College


Pub stops of Oxford - quality map as explained in Technology and Operations Management

An example of a quality map as explained in Technology and Operations Management

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