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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Gerhard Mulder

Restaurant review: Galito’s, Whitefield, Bangalore.

5 star review

Walking into Galito’s in the Whitefield section of bustling Bangalore is entering a welcoming spotless clean interior that motivates you to hit the reset button and feel at ease. Friendly quotes on the wall and Mexican inspired art and artifacts provide the ultimate setting for a culinary trip that is long to be remembered.

The friendly staff provided our group with a series of spectacular small pizza’s with different types of cheese, peppers, garlic mayonnaise, and strips of grilled chicken. All chicken dishes are grilled on a wood fire, which is healthier and tastier than the deep fried variety. It just kept coming. We ordered water (fortunately they served Aquafina, which is not owned by Coca Cola) and delicious mocktails. Next were the chick-e-naise. The chicken-e-naise was a pleasant surprise as it was not just regular garlic bread with chicken toppings, but chicken-filled garlic bread baked with cheese and served in a bowl of mayonnaise. I highly recommend these (unless your partner dislikes garlic, because you will eat plenty).

Absolute highlight of the culinary trip was the signature Combatoda Chicken and Prawn Skewers which were served on a bed of peri peri fries! The prawns were just lifted from the sea … fresh, big and juicy! Galito’s also provides homage to its South African heritage … Galito’s started 20 years ago with their first restaurant in Nelspruit, South Africa. On the menu is an excellent boerewors and rice. Close your eyes and you can hear the lions roar. While most of our group were starting to feel our belts tighten, the waiter came with an endless series of some of the best desserts ever! The Malva pudding, baked yoghurt, white chocolate parfait, strawberry cheese cake, and the chocolate doom were all too good to pass up. We tasted it all and we just couldn’t stop.

Galito’s in Bangalore is part of the Tablez Food Company. Its CEO, Shafeena Yusuff Ali, is not only a successful business woman, she is also a talented student of the Executive MBA at Said Business School at the University of Oxford. She explains, ‘food is the most important ingredient of any culture or region.’ Representing the most diverse student body in the history of EMBAs, the Jan-17 cohort could not think of a better way to celebrate life, success and diversity.

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