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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Alina Marm


On my way home from Module 1, I was still trying to wrap my head around this inspiring, fast-paced week that felt like the beginning of a transformational journey.

During the application process, during the trip to Oxford for the interview and after the truly unbelievable moment of receiving a letter of acceptance, I tried try to imagine this very first week. I have a vivid imagination, but I utterly failed to piece together an imaginary prediction of the first week.

Putting aside the academic framework and the great organization by the EMBA team I was awe struck by how your relationship with 67 new people can change so drastically from that first dinner Sunday night to saying goodbye on Friday night. You meet as strangers and somehow by Friday I felt comfortable calling 67 people friends and even family – without admittedly knowing all that much yet about everybody. I have put a lot of thought in how this transformation is possible without finding a precise answer. One aspect definitely is that everybody has true interest in getting to know each other. Another aspect for me was the awareness that the first week was riddled with precious moments that are making up one great memory.

….The moment when you realize that each conversation you had so far was enriching.
….The moment – when in a week in which a president is inaugurated that stands for exclusion, simplification, hate of otherness and self-righteous bloating you look around the lecture hall and see a cohort of 30+ different nations, living inclusiveness, seeking critical discourse and respectfully showing their humbleness for the privilege of being part of the Oxford EMBA – you find hope.
….The moment you forget you ever have to go home.
….The moment you put on the academic dress and the weight of generations of achievement before you and the expectations for future achievements suddenly becomes plastic.
….The moment you feel comfortable sharing life-stories that have marked you and the feeling of thankfulness that others feel comfortable sharing with you.
…The moment you realize that what seemed like a dream a while back (acceptance rate, financing, time…) has actually turned into your new reality.
…The moment you come back home and try to explain to family and friends what you have experienced – and just can’t.
…The moment you notice that you really want to get to know each and everybody in your group and are willing to put in the effort to understand what moves them, what makes them different, what is shared and what can be learned from each other.

Everybody has different motivations for starting this journey, has different stories to tell along this journey and will have a different growth and learning experiences. There is no other group of #67newfriends I want to share my journey with and no other place from where I want to start this journey.

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