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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Katie Bedborough

The 67 marvels and I…

I don’t mind confessing that I was a little [read: very] nervous before attending module 1 of the EMBA. I even constructed a scenario in my mind where there had been an error in the administration process and I would arrive on day 1 to find out that they were expecting someone else! For reference, in case any future students have this fear, I have met the admin team – they are exceptional and such an incident is highly unlikely!

Module 1 was an incredible experience that included dinners at the Ashmolean Museum and Divinity School, visits to our respective colleges, a welcome ceremony (in place of college matriculation), case studies, games and teaching of outstanding quality. Every single class left me engaged and excited. Special mention must go to James Taylor (Analytics) – it takes real talent and charisma to engage an entire cohort, the day after a celebration dinner (there may have been wine…), for a full 9 hours of statistics – well done, sir!

Even taking into consideration the outstanding classes, and social events at some of Oxford’s most prestigious venues, by far the most impressive element to this first week was my cohort! In an era of closing borders and hate-filled rhetoric in the media, I feel honoured to be part of a group that represents over 30 nations working together to achieve something incredible. I have 67 classmates and I know I have something to learn from every one of them – I hope we will become great friends!

Thought for Module 1: What a great privilege it is to be part of this journey!

Oxford EMBA 2017

Oxford EMBA 2017

Oxford EMBA January 2017 cohort

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