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Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

By Tim Wiens

Some of the most amazing personalities I have met in my lifetime

As a career educator and not someone who is actively engaged in the business world, per se, I have entered the EMBA Programme with some fear and trepidation. I have spent the past 25 years as a teacher, collegiate professor, and school administrator. Over the past several years, my engagement with a group of school leaders from across the United States led me to begin considering an MBA, as the headmaster position has become much more a CEO role than that of simply an academic leader. Schools and global education are becoming far more complex than they once were. While much of my work continues to be centered on academics, I am also responsible for fiscal oversight, employee accountability, and all other programmatic decisions made within the institution. I am expected to regularly engage our constituents and I am the lone employee responsible to the Board of Trustees.

As such, an EMBA became an important next academic and professional step that would empower me to lead better in every facet of my job. After exploring numerous options, Oxford’s EMBA stood out for several reasons. First, the idea that the Saïd EMBA was seeking candidates that wished to change the world resonated with me. As an educator, my goal in life has always been to impact the hearts and minds of young people so that they may seek to impact others – enabling human flourishing wherever they go. Similarly, Said’s focus on social entrepreneurship deeply resonated with me. The ability to be engaged over a two-year period with others who were seeking to make an impact socially, not only financially, sealed the deal. I knew if I was admitted, it was the course I wished to attend.

Now that I am one module into the course, I could not be happier with my decision to apply and to attend. Module one was amazing and has set the standard for all other modules to come. The introductory dinner with the Dean and Assistant Dean, the Matriculation Ceremony and Celebration at the Divinity School, and each classroom session have paved the way for our cohort made up of 68 individuals from 34 nations. These women and men stand out as some of the most amazing personalities I have met in my lifetime. I am eager to learn with them and from them. I am eager to invest time and energy into the work necessary to complete the Programme and leave ready to better engage my own community and the world at large. For me, this journey is a team experience, not simply an individual one.

Now, back to the fear and trepidation…I am a poet, not a quant. I do not love numbers, and frankly I am not very friendly with them. Historically, they seem to have little regard for me either. I love the humanities and spent the early years of my career as a history teacher. Needless to say, I am still a bit nervous. However, after meeting my peers and sitting through the first day of Analytics, I am certain that with good team work, with good mathematics tutoring from my wife, and through diligence, I will survive and be better for it. I am excited to engage the content and grow throughout the next two years.

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