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Sep 2016 - May 2018

By Tawuya Chipato

Globalisation meets Analytics, Module 1 Reflections

The first week of the EMBA programme went by so fast it was only when I got back home a few days later that I had a chance to gather my thoughts and review the week that had been. What a week, from globalisation, authenticity, analytics, global rules of the game and entrepreneurship, the topics of discussion were as diverse as the cohort.

From the time I met my colleagues for the first time at the Ashmolean museum for our welcome dinner, I knew I was in for a great experience over the coming months.

The diversity and breadth of achievements of the group is astounding. One minute I was having a conversation about the effect of particle size on cloud formation, the other I was speaking to a motorbike racer or learning about sovereign wealth funds.

With colleagues from all over the world and with experiences from all walks of life, my task of getting to know each and every one of the cohort is an exciting prospect.

The key highlights of the week were the lectures on globalisation by Ian Goldin and Kurt April‘s talk on authenticity. Other fun learning experiences included the global rules of the game where we were organised into groups and played the role of company executives dealing with a crisis in real time. The environment the team has created is not only brilliant, but also geared to challenge one’s thought process.

The matriculation was brief…very brief, however, the significance of the ceremony was not lost on us. The beautiful setting of the divinity

school was an awe inspiring backdrop that was a timely reminder of the many thousands that have passed through the same doors and have gone on to achieve greatly.

I have a monumental task to hand, one I’m immensely looking forward to.

Matriculation @ the divinity school

Matriculation @ the divinity school

EMBA module 1 dinner

Great food, great company!

One of the rooms at the Oxford Union

Looks like a scene from Mad men! One of the rooms at the Oxford Union

St Hugh's College

The college of many of my colleagues, St. Hugh’s

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