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Sep 2016 - May 2018

By Tawuya Chipato

A spirit of discovery and self-challenge…

A spirit of discovery, self challenge, “self inflicted pain” some would say, are some of the factors that have defined my journey to date and led me to this point, the start of my next chapter as I embark on an EMBA at Oxford. What lies ahead has been described to me by Oxford alumni as a combination of fun, hard-work, mental gymnastics and so much more.

I have always believed that with consistent application and concerted effort anyone can achieve anything, this remains one of the main driving forces that led me to apply for an EMBA at Oxford. The values the institution espouses are evident in the far reaching impact that those who have walked within these walls have gone on to make, John Wesley, Bob Hawke, Bill Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi to name a few. I am humbled to have this opportunity, one I will embrace and harness to drive innovation, change as well as pass on the lessons learnt throughout my journey.

During the application process, I had some candid conversations with Oxford alumni to really understand what the ‘hype’ was all about.  As someone educated in the British education system albeit a former colony, the far-reaching influence and reputation of Oxford was unmistakable. The conversations throughout the application/interview process made me think about who I am, what I have done, how far I still have to go and how prepared I am to really learn, not only about myself, but about others and the ecosystem of a continually shifting global landscape.

I vividly remember the feeling when I got the offer through, relief that I was in, excited about the opportunity and challenge that lay ahead.  Then there was the realisation that I was just a young man like many out there with a dream, I’ve had my successes and failures, now is my time. I know I can’t change what happened in the past, I don’t know what the future holds, but I have right here and right now to make a difference.

“The victorious warrior wins first in their minds…” Sun Tzu

Till next time…

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  • chids M

    Very thoughtful provoking and inspirational. Life is indeed a journey