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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Jyoti Chopra

Understanding The Silicon Valley Ecosystem

Approximately 60 EMBA-12 students arrived into Palo Alto, California on Sunday, July 10th for the first day of the Oxford SBS Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Finance Module.  Hosted by two luminaries, Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance at SBS and Allen Morgan, a former attorney, entrepreneur and venture capital advisor, the course, according to Jenkinson is designed to, “be the most fun week of the year….and the culminating experience for the EMBA group.”

The course is one of the electives in the EMBA program and the EMBA 12 cohort comprises the largest group to date for the Silicon Valley module.  The course originated in Oxford, but then quickly moved to Palo Alto and this is the fourth year it is being held.  It centers on analyzing the financial decisions associated with building early stage, high-risk start-ups.  However, the focus is structured through the prism of the investors and financiers who are evaluating and deciding on which companies to invest in and for how much.   Jenkinson and Morgan have evolved a philosophy and ethos for the course which is for the students to “learn by thinking…arguing….and doing…” according to Jenkinson.

Content is structured around the art of the deal through the entire lifecycle from ideation and starting a brand new venture through to exit strategies.  Day one featured a brief history of California, Silicon Valley, the nature of start-ups, how the ecosystem in the valley has evolved, operations and the nature of strategic choices confronting entrepreneurs.  Day two will dive into the fundamentals of valuations.

Jamis MacNiven – an iconic legend in the Valley is our opening act. MacNiven is the Founder and owner of Buck’s of Woodside, a local restaurant in Palo Alto, known for its brunches, deal-making meals and amazing pancakes served up by MacNiven

Approximately 60 EMBA 12 students arriving at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto for a week-long immersion into Entrepreneurial Finance

Group of EMBA 12 students diving into an outstanding Italian brunch before heading to class, at the Garden Court Hotel

EMBA 12 classmates from around the world reconnecting and reconvening

EMBA Program Director Kathy Harvey sets the scene for an exciting week in the valley


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