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Jan 2016 - Sep 2017

By Taiwo Dairo

Oxford or…………………

I had to decide where to go for my EMBA. I looked at one other school and a dear friend nudged me in the direction of Oxford. I went to an open evening, applied and now here I am at the Ashmolean museum having dinner with people that I had never met up until that evening. As the evening progressed; after the welcome speeches from Kathy Harvey our course director and Peter Tufano our dean; it suddenly dawned on me that I was embarking on an amazing journey with the members of my cohort.

It is a knowing, an intuition; a feeling that I just cannot put into words. I have made the right choice. After dinner it was back to Rewley House (I got one of their plush superior rooms for the first night) and off to sleep. Monday morning arrived with the excitement of the first day at school; well Saïd Business School. I entered the lecture theatre and met all my classmates for the first time. The lectures started and the discussions started. The atmosphere was amazing; the vibrancy of the arguments and the delivery of the lectures were most inspiring.

On the EMBA course you are actually not being taught but rather you are encouraged to think, feel, question, know your deep thoughts and why you think that way. I suspect they are truly trying to raise global leaders and corporate diplomats if I can quote from the course information material. We quickly settled into group work and started to collaborate. I did not perceive any undue competitiveness but rather a sort of “we are all in this together so let us help and support each other”. I must say that this attitude is pervasive both in and out of the classroom.

It feels good!!!!! I was really inspired by Professor Kurt April and it really made me think about why I was doing the EMBA in the first place. Matriculation was an amazing experience and very symbolic as with most things about Oxford. Really proud to be a member of an amazing historical ceremony. I am loving subfusc and who knows I may not only wear for exams but to parties (probably not)!!!!! On the matriculation day all I could see was a sea of beautiful people. Go EMBA 13!!!!!!!

The school staff and indeed staff at our individual colleges are most helpful and really made us feel welcome. They are always available to answer questions and deal with the complexities of 74 strange people descending upon them for a whole week. We also attended a couple of college dinners; an opportunity to dress up and meet other students and members of staff.

The week long module ended with a debate at the student’s union on Saturday morning. My team lost unfortunately but the adrenaline rush when I stood up to speak was great!!! Lunch again (We are really truly well fed) and off to London. I would say that this first week is something that I have never experienced in my life and I am sure that a lot of my classmates will feel the same way. The University is truly amazing, my classmates are truly amazing and the staff are truly amazing. I suspect that we will need all the amazement to get through the work over the next 21 months. What can I say………………I look forward; no eagerly anticipate Module 2.

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