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Jan 2016 - Sep 2017

By Pingping Zhang

Realising a dream

What kind of feeling will you have when you realize a dream? Healing and thrilling for me! Studying in Oxford has been my dream since I used the Oxford English Dictionary when I was a middle school student till now. Starting my study during the week of 18 Jan is incredibly amazing – much more than expected! I’m in the Executive MBA 13 class. I arrived with a fatigue after being on the way for more than 35 hours and cannot sleep well because of the jet-lag for the first few days. But I felt healed in the middle of the week and even healthier than before – thanks to the supporting environment and nutrition-balanced meals (the school arranged all the meals.)

The course is very interesting to me. Most is about the leadership. I had a very fresh and noble understanding of the leadership and leaders. Dean Tufano mentioned the responsible character of a leader in his opening remarks. One lecture mentioned that the most important part of a leader’s character is honesty. The most pressing threats faced by the world such as water scarcity are taught and led us to think about what to do to address these threats as leaders. Prof. Kurt April shared his personal story on how he suffered from racism as a young boy and beat the system and strived to make a personal change to become successful. All of us were deeply touched and I was tearful. He is a very good role model for us to think and learn how to make change to ourselves and surrounding environment as well as the world.

The school’s supporting system is so enabling. Many different aspects have been introduced – library, IT, student service and support affairs, career, examinations etc. Whatever questions or problems I had, I just asked and the problems could be solved. Even in the dining hall, a lovely serving lady always served me a cup of hot water and a pair of chopsticks whenever I went to eat, which made me feel incredibly warm and touched my heart deeply.
My cohort is amazing. They are very lovely and lively at the class and outside the class. They are very good at asking questions and participating in discussions at the class. They are very kind, like to help each other. On some occasions when I was like a fish out of water I could receive help from my British table mate, to which I am so grateful for.

We had some first time life experiences – such as wearing the subfusc for the matriculation and visiting the Oxford Union to see that some great figures like Einstein had been there to give lectures and debate. I was very much inspired.
What I have gained made me want to give also. I observed the smoking and obesity among the classmates and faculty. I would like to try to help change as a health care professional in the subsequent study periods.

That’s my first week study. I ended up with full of warm and fond memory and look forward to the next module.

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