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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Jyoti Chopra

Module 6 | The Art of Examination

Module 6 began with much trepidation for many of the EMBA-12 class as it commenced with our first formal examination in the Firms and Markets course for economics. Fortunately, our class has some real “quants” who generously came to SBS on Sunday afternoon and led a marathon prep and review session for the nervous classmates. It helped! Major advance preparation and studying is strongly recommended. Examinations are held at the formal Examination Hall building on the high street. Formal sub-fusc attire is required for all exams. There are very strict regulations on seating, timing, ID cards, pencil cases and even the type of water bottle permitted. They provide the calculators and you may want to buy one in advance to get used to it ahead of time. A thorough read of the regulations is highly recommended, ahead of time. Needless to say, many of us found the two-hour exam pretty tough, harder than expected and true to Oxford standards. Results are due out in November 2015!

The SBS team helped us recover fast and furiously with a deep dive into the entrepreneurial project, also known as “EP”. Kathy Harvey and Matthew Scott led a dynamic session that culminated into a business model canvassing exercise in which groups brain and barn stormed ideas for potential development into business plans. It was exciting, energizing and highly creative. One of the most fun exercises we have undertaken as a class. This module also saw the close of our strategy course and onset of Global Marketing – both extremely interesting, creative courses with so many models and frameworks to take back and apply.

Our college dinner that week was held at Balliol College – one of the more coveted and in demand colleges with beautiful architecture, grounds and gardens. A lovely summer champagne reception was hosted by the college in the garden, followed by formal dinner in the grand hall, served up along with Balliol College wine, naturally! It was a wonderful way to wind down another marvelous week at Oxford.

Jeff Hendrickson Delivering Exam Tutoring

Jeff Hendrickson delivers a marathon review session to help his classmates prepare for the micro-economics examination

Strike a Pose

Classmate Manna Luo strikes a pose in the SBS building – after the exam

Business Model Canvas

The famous business model canvas that we used to brainstorm ideas for new business ventures

Business Planning

EMBA 12 in action in business teams developing concepts, ideas and frameworks

Balliol College Sign.Porter's Lodge

Nifty sign encountered upon entering Balliol College

Balliol College Gardens

Views of Balliol Gardens where SBS hosted a champagne reception for EMBA 12 students

Tim Brantingham Welcomes EMBA12 to Balliol

Classmate Tim Brantingham, a member of Balliol College, welcomes EMBA 12 to the grand hall for class dinner

Balliol Vintage Wine

Balliol makes and serves its own wine at dinners in the great hall

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