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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Jyoti Chopra

EMBA Module 5

“Strategy is the art of creating superior performance,” stated Professor Thomas Powell as he led EMBA-12 into a deep dive of the elements of strategy, strategic thinking and operational frameworks.  A richly textured module covered the art of industry analysis, organizational decision making, competition, the process of creating a strategy and how to drive strategic change agenda.  It was an exhiliarating and dynamic week with models, frameworks, case studies and much to take back to the office and workplace in terms of ideas and applications.

In parallel, throughout the week, the class engaged with Professor Oren Sussman on firms and markets which looked at macro economic models and key drivers of global ecnomic activity.  Topics like foreign exchange, interest rates and capital markets were explored.

Our weekly tradition of visiting one college each module, took us to St. Hilda’s, about 15-minutes away from SBS, for a wonderful evening of cocktails, dinner and toasts.  But by far, one of the highlights of this module was the class portrait –  an annual tradition of taking a formal and traditional school class portrait in full uniform. Students were lined up on the lawn based on height and then led into the stalls constructed on the lawn of SBS for a formal portrait.  Getting a highly charged, intelligent group of students to line up by size and follow a few simple directions, proved to be a mighty test for our class photographer as you will see!

A Greek Toastmaster

Greek toastmaster, Vasilios Zafeiris, along with two other Greek/Cypriot classmates, shared the best of Greek history, traditions and culture, along with fine wines/spirits!

Classroom attire
A scene from the EMBA-12 classroom as fellow students don their sub fusc in preparation for our class portrait, a formal SBS tradition

EMBA-12 Getting Ready for Class portrait
A challenged photographer tries to quieten down the EMBA-class and get them ready for the photo shoot on the lawns of SBS

Gents in White Ties
Andrew Redpath shows us how to truly tie a white tie, properly

Keeble College
The glorious grounds of Keeble College on a fine summer evening

Post Dinner Cheer at St.Hilda's College
Merriment among class mates post the dinner at St. Hilda’s College

St.Hilda's College Visit
Enjoying a fine summer evening with aperitifs on the lawn of St. Hilda’s College

Unwinding after class
EMBA-12 students relaxing on the lawns of Keeble College after a long day of strategy and economics immersion

Views of the Quad and Lawns of Keeble College
Appreciating the architecture of Keeble College

Assembly Line II for EMBA-12 Class
EMBA-12 attempting to line up, assembly style, based on height! Following a few simple directions proved a tad challenging for our class…

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