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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Moses Soussis

Module 3 – India

I’m about to land in Dubai before I catch my next flight to London, on my way back from Bangalore where we spent week 3 of the course studying Technology & Operations Management.

It’s not often that you are in a really hot place with great facilities but you are not on holiday, and the weather made sure it reminded us of it every day… 37C!!

The majority of us arrived on Saturday and Sunday morning with the first lecture taking place on Sunday afternoon. I’m convinced it was a deliberate act by our director to ensure that none of us managed a suntan while out there! The week was busy with lectures for the first half of the day and company visits for the second half. This time we also had a change in the learning approach by focussing on case studies, lengthy conversations and analysis of the content with collectively drawing conclusions.

The most interesting part for me though was the company visits. Saïd Business School had lined up for us a number of difference organisations in the charity sector, start-up space, IT, automotive and healthcare. Being able to link the learnings from the case studies, with theory, frameworks and my own experience was a great opportunity.

I’m not sure I can describe Bangalore in just a few words but India is certainly the land of opportunity with immense potential for growth. Every single sector could easily be established, benefit from the high educational standards, the hard-working ethos and attention to detail. It is evident though that there is also a lot of work to be done in the society to ensure better living conditions for all with clean water supply, food and healthcare.

The evenings were slightly different during this trip purely because we all stayed at the same place and following dinner we had all the time in our hands to sit back, enjoy the hotel and the company of each other. We had some long conversations, sometimes longer than anticipated, which led to sleep deprivation but the long bus rides to the company visits were the best opportunity to catch up on some shut-eye.

I’m now being “kindly” asked to turn off my electronic device as we are about to land so you will have to excuse me for the abrupt end to this post, but fear not as the next one is not far off.

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