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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Yura Mykhaylyuk

Everything From Global Opportunities and Threats to Analytics

Module two is over and now it looks like the real work has started. The first module was mostly about teasers of what to expect, on day one we greeted each other like good friends and the communication between our group is good; mainly through our What’sApp group – an almost 24/7 pulse of our cohort. Our first GOTO assignment on Water Management was a good experience on essay writing and group collaboration.

Then Analytics started.. This consisted of many hours of intense class work, more hours of extra class work with Dolores Romero Morales and even more hours with self-help groups organized by our class reps. Kudos to my fellow students who volunteered to help with analytics – Anja, Michal and Jeff!

The Leadership Fundamentals part of the module was insightful and fun. It was great to have met Raphael, the owner of Computer Assistance, who was the star of the Blue Suitcase series – a true entrepreneur and a source of inspiration to those of us who want to have their own business one day.

We celebrated Chinese New Year on the 18th of February – our Chinese fellow students organized some delicious treats on the night. A lot was happening in the evenings – get-togethers, a college dinner, a joint event with full time MBA’s organized by our class rep Alex Dalessio. It later transformed into a night of singing around a grand piano in The Randolph hotel to Teni Eleoramo’s magnificent accompaniment. My fellow students’ hidden talents are coming out by the day.

See you in India! – we were saying to each other at the end of the module. We are all excited about our next module in Incredible India!

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