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Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

By Moses Soussis

The life of an Executive MBA student

Let me start by sharing with you my experience from Module 2 on Data & Analytics

I arrived in Oxford on Sunday evening with my bag of clothes and laptops, I tend to carry work and personal laptops because life doesn’t stop when you are on an EMBA. After my usual short trip from Paddington and the quick unpacking I was ready to “hit the hay” as a friend says. Monday morning started with a buzz! It was great to see all the people again that I met during our first week in January, have a quick breakfast and get ready to meet our lecturer for the week… and what a week it was. Now I already studied maths & stats in university some 15 years ago and following my GMAT refresher I felt ready for the challenge.

The Data & Analytics course surprised me as we focussed on quantitative methods that aid decision making, but without the complicated integrals or logarithms that would probably give me a run for my money if I had to remember all that detail. It was certainly refreshing to hear such a practical and real life approach to such a complicated topic. During the week we also had our first opportunity to start working as a group on an assignment that we had to submit about a week later.

The group work is very much the same as any project team working together in the workplace. There is though a fundamental difference; you now work in an environment that is more secure, collaborative, honest and fun! As I’m writing this a fellow study group member is sat two rows in front of me, and I must admit if it wasn’t such a quiet flight I would have thought of one too many jokes to play on him. This is the type of relationship we have built as a group.

Back to topic though and the week was split between more analytics and then Fundamentals of Leadership. This is a topic that I find extremely interesting as after a number of years in the corporate space, you can clearly see how most of the models fit to a large extent in your daily life. The styles, the psychology, the links with cultural behaviours and company cultures, all make a very interesting mix that has only left me with more questions to answer and more research for me to do during my spare time (I don’t have any by the way…but I will find some…eventually).

The evenings were similarly eventful with dinners, conversations, case study reading, analysis and group work. It is fascinating how we manage to fit everything in the hours of the day but in hindsight I believe it was because we were having fun!

The week came to a close for some on Friday night and for quite a few others on Saturday late afternoon. As anyone that decides to embark on this journey will find out, when you are given an assignment on a topic you are not strong on, Saturday is probably the day when people will offer to share their knowledge and help the rest. Special thanks to you three that took the time, not only on Saturday but also during the next 2 weeks over Skype conferences to assist the whole class. We all submitted both assignments on time and hopefully all passed.

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